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Difulviis Residence

A stunning one storey bungalow with a complete ground floor renovation and expansion including a new street front facade and the addition of a second storey attic loft space. The exterior is finished in stucco and also makes use of stone for the main elements of the facade such as the chimney and the portico on the front entrance. The areas added to the house include a family room, expansion to the living room, master bedroom and an attic loft. Also part of the design was a rear yard layout for a kidney shaped pool and cabana area.

Year of Completion: 2007

Difulviis Residence

Client: Mr. and Mrs Difulviis

Location: 37 Blair Athol Crest., Etobicoke, ON

Area: 2500 sq. ft

Budget: $325,000

Arsenault Architect Inc.

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