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Del Maschio Residence

aainc_delmaschio.jpg This project consists of a second storey addition and renovation to an existing on storey 872 sq. ft. home. The 1400 sq. ft. addition includes an entry vestibule with a portico on the ground floor and four new bedrooms and two new bathrooms on the second floor. Also as part of the spatial reorganization of the house the renovation included the removal of one bedroom and the creation of a family room on the ground floor. This also included the removal of various partitions to create open free flowing spaces within the major living areas of the house.

Client: Mr. and Mrs. Del Maschio
Location: 2208 Breezy Bare Drive, Mississauga, ON
Area: 2288 sq. ft. (872 sq. ft. Total)
Budget: $220,000

Cloutier Residence

aainc_cloutier.jpg A full two storey, traditional style home in the Mineola area of Mississauga. The home situated back on a 100 by 200 foot lot, features design elements such as an elegant two storey foyer, with a luxurious sunken family room. The 4400 sq. ft. five bedroom, five bathroom dwelling make use of both brick and precast masonary for exterior materials as well as custom design windows in its composition of proportional and balanced facade elements.

Client: Mr. and Mrs. Jean Louis Cloutier
Location: 256 Donnelly Drive, Mississauga, ON
Area: 4400 sq. ft.
Budget: $600,000

Difulviis Residence

aainc_difulviis.jpg A stunning one storey bungalow with a complete ground floor renovation and expansion including a new street front facade and the addition of a second storey attic loft space. The exterior is finished in stucco and also makes use of stone for the main elements of the facade such as the chimney and the portico on the front entrance. The areas added to the house include a family room, expansion to the living room, master bedroom and an attic loft. Also part of the design was a rear yard layout for a kidney shaped pool and cabana area.

Client: Mr. and Mrs Difulviis
Location: 37 Blair Athol Crest., Etobicoke, ON
Area: 2500 sq. ft.
Budget: $325,000

Iluck Residence

aainc_iluck.jpg The Iluck residence is a six level backsplit home situated on a ravine lot overlooking the Mimico Creek. Main areas of the residence include a cascading three level kitchen and breakfast area with glass ceiling, dramatic cathedral ceiling in the living and dining rooms and indoor pool. Other features include a second level bridge with built in verticle wall units in the living area, and cathedral ceiling throughout the bedrooms and kitchen spaces.

Client: Mr. and Mrs. John Iluck
Location: 2221 Greenhurst Avenue, Mississauga, ON
Area: 4200 sq. ft.
Budget: $400,000

Zafir Residence

aainc_zafir.jpg The Zafir residence is a two storey 5200 sq. ft. home located in Brampton's Goreway Drive and Castlemore area. Situated on a two acre corner lot the home features design elements such as a generous double storey foyer with a grand central stair. Other features also include a sunken living room, spacious family room with an extensive view of the property, a large master bedroom with a walkout deck, and a four car garage carefully arranged to minimize its impact on the street facade.

Client: Mr. and Mrs. Zafir
Location: 664 Thamesford Crescent, Brampton, ON
Area: 5200 sq. ft.
Budget: $750,000

Silva Residence

aainc_dasliva.jpg A one storey 1150 sq. ft. addition to an existing bungalow. The expansion consists of an addition of a sitting room and two bedrooms including master bedroom with a cathedral ceiling and clear-storey windows. Also part of the addition is the extension of a two car garage. The design of the addition created a regularized facade which features a front portico. The views from the house also take advantage of a wide frontage and its linear layout maintain the depth of the lot both in front and behind the house.

Client: Mr. and Mrs. Silvia
Location: 229 Radley Road, Mississauga, ON
Area: 2650 sq. ft. (total)
Budget: $350,000