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Firm Profile

Arsenault Architect Inc. is an Architectural firm with a reputation for creating practical designs for demanding projects. We are a mid size team of professional architects and technicians who have worked together for 10 years, using our skills in research, planning, design, cost control and construction management. We design buildings to be built on time and on budget, despite the size.

Mission Statement

Arsenault Architect Inc. is a dedicated professional architectural practice providing services in design, architecture, planning and building science. The goal of the practice is to provide a dedication to client needs, delivered on time and on budget.

At Arsenault Architect we understand that the complexity of architecture demands a team of experts who possess common goals and objectives. This mandate is achieved through established strategic alliances of team players tailored to each individual project. Our consulting team insures effective decision-making resulting in the most economical solutions. This type of attitude is evident in our relationships with the building industry from its manufacturers to its on site trades through construction and project managers.

Working closely with our clients in order to understand their needs is crucial to our process of project completion and implementation. We listen carefully and respond effectively by establishing open lines of communication with the client at project inception. The principal works directly with the client and coordinates the project team, with necessary specialist consultants introduced into the process at the conceptual stage.

As the project continues, the principal works with a senior staff member who leads the support team through to completion. The principal always remains involved in all aspects of the project to the occupancy of the building.

Arsenault Architect Inc. is fully committed to providing full and complete architectural services for the client. Our aim is to provide an exceptional architectural project completed within time and budget constraints.

Resources & Capabilities

It takes human and technological resources to succeed in successful completion of an architectural project. Arsenault Architect is fully computerized utilizing current software and hardware to prepare contract documentation, including realistic renderings and 3D modeling. The construction phase is fully documented. High speed internet access provides full and instant communication between all team members. These tools greatly enhance the production time and accuracy of the documentation and provide clientele with satisfaction.

Value Engineering

This issue can be the single most important activity in managing the investment risk of a project. Arsenault Architect maintains an active quality control program to provide the client with choices for obtaining optimum value without losing quality. Throughout the project we work to provide value engineering including the following items:

  • Work with consultants at all steps to develop choices for value savings.
  • Ensure that all project activities directly relate to project goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate each cost in terms of its value to the project as a whole.
  • Analyze building solutions which have capital cost implications.
  • Implement pre-contract cost control services to all phases of the project.